Desalination Discharge Databank
The Microsoft Access databank has been developed by Arsu
GmbH within the project Assessment of the composition of desalination plant disposal brines (Project No. 98-AS-026)
and is jointly owned intellectual property of
6 The main switchboard of the databank
6 Effluent Categories & Parameters form
6 Printing data form
4 The Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC)
PO Box 21, Al Khuwair, Postal Code 133,
Sultanate of Oman
4 Sheffield Testing Laboratories
50-56 Nursery Street, Sheffield S3 8GP, UK
4 Arsu GmbH
Postfach 11042, D-21001 Oldenburg, Germany
Developed by Sabine Lattemann
Investigator for ARSU GmbH, November 2002.
Please note that results and databank are not yet available,
as the project is still ongoing.
Menus and forms of the databank include:
4 The main switchboard
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  The database can be accessed from a main switchboard,
from which different menus and forms can be opened for
browsing and printing (see below) or exporting data.
4 Effluent Categories and Parameters form
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  The form provides two drop-down fields: one for selecting an
effluent category (e.g. biocides) and another for choosing a parameter from this category (e.g. chlorine).
  The fields 'description' and 'chemical symbol' provide further information on the parameter chosen.
  Reported discharge concentrations from desalination plants
can be viewed for the selected parameter.
  Toxicological data may also be accessed for the selected
parameter by opening a second form.
4 Printing form
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From this form, a report can be chosen for printing:
Parameter List: Provides a brief description of the
parameter, a chemical symbol or reaction.
Dosing and Discharge Data: Provides dosing
concentrations but also effluent or environmental data.
Toxicological and Impact Data: Provides acute and
chronic toxicity data, biodegradation rates, water quality
standards and results from desalination-related
environmental impact studies.

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