Publications and Deliverables
4 Book (April 2003)
  Seawater Desalination - Impacts of Brine and Chemical Discharges
on the Marine Environment by Sabine Lattemann and Thomas Höpner
  Chemical discharges by seawater desalination plants and possible impacts on the marine environment are discussed in terms of plume and chemical dispersal, toxicity data and water quality criteria. GIS maps show desalination capacities in conjunction with mangrove and coral reef ecosystems in the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea.
4 Journal Paper
  Chemical Impacts from Seawater Desalination Plants - A Case
Study of the Northern Red Sea by Thomas Höpner Sabine Lattemann
  Presented at the EUROMED 2002 conference on Desalination Strategies in South Mediterranean Countries
4 Database
Desalination Discharge Database on CD ROM
  The database provides dosing, discharge and environmental data of
individual substances/species in reject streams of desalination plants,
based on a literature review of previous work, classified into thermal and RO processes and including impact on bio-systems.

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