4 WHO Guidance Document on Desalination for Safe Water Supply

To facilitate the introduction of desalination benefits on a wider scale, the World Health Organization (WHO), Eastern Mediterranean Office (EMRO), has embarked on a process of developing WHO guidance on health and environmental aspects applicable to the production, distribution and quality of desalinated water. The WHO guidance on desalination for safe water supply will be concerned with health and environmental quality issues that may be unique to desalination projects, and it will supplement and be closely integrated with the main body of WHO Guidelines on Drinking-Water Quality.

4 Assessment of the composition of desalination plant disposal brines

The main objective of the ongoing project is to collect and provide information on the composition of disposal waters from seawater desalination plants. Additionally, potential environmental impacts related to the brine and chemical discharges are considered. The output from the project will be an accessible reference source that can be used as a basis for subsequent environmental impact assessments of desalination plants.

4 Consultant to UNEP/MEDPOL
Development of Guidelines for the Environmental Sound Management of
Seawater Desalination Plants in the Mediterranean Region
4 California
Half-year stay in California and participation in a collaborative effort between
the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the California Coastal Commission,
and the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, to develop recommendations and guidelines for desalination in the Sanctuary

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